Everton Prado
Everton started playing soccer at a young age where he joined a Club in Brasil called Gremio FC; one of the most prestigious soccer club in the nation. Playing under the Gremio’s development  program, Everton had the chance to have as a team mate Ronaldinho Gaucho, the best soccer player in the world in the years of 2004 and 2005. After Gremio, Everton served an LDS mission where he gave up his aspiration to be a professional soccer player to be a missionary.

Returning from his mission, he played futsal ofor his college, Ulbra Futsal, where his team was the national champions and also South American champions at the college level. Continuing to pursue a degree, he moved to the US and played for BYUH where he was the captain of the team for two years. In Utah, he had the opportunity to join another futsal team and win the US Futsal National Championship.

After the last championship, Everton decided to start his career as a coach at Northern Peaks FC. He has also been the assistant coach of Kahuku High School in Hawaii, the University of Utah Men’s Team, and recently, he has been working with the Haiti Federation as the assistant coach for all the youth and senior teams of the Haiti National team.

Everton’s goal is to assist as many players as he can to reach the next level in soccer, whatever that next level will be; high school, college or professional.

Quote: “Do something that your future you, will thank you in the future.”

Nathaniel White

  • UEFA “A” license
  • FA Youth Module 3 coach
  • FA Futsal license


  • 18 years full time playing & coaching
  • 3 years – Oxford University women’s head coach
  • 3 1/2 years – FA regional development coach
  • Former High School coach
  • Former ODP coach


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