Winter Training 2014

Winter Training

Here are some great videos with foot skill training you can do in your home. I expect each of you to do at least 20 minutes/day of training. It is your choice what you do. I’m just giving you these videos to give you some ideas, but you’re welcome to do anything that you want as long as you put in the time. Please send Justin your time as we did during the summer. We will not have a team goal, but training time will be a determining factor for who gets chosen to be a captain during the spring season. I am also going to work on a reward system for individual milestones such as 500/1000/2000 minutes, etc.

Homework During the Fall Season

For the time being, I’m not doing any new homework on the web site. I want the girls to spend a few minutes a day (at the very least on days we don’t have training) with the ball and work on whatever they want to do. I definitely hope everyone is spending time juggling and working on their weaker foot. Other than that, I’ll leave it up to the girls. I know life is busier now with school, but we need to continue to improve ball skills. That has been one of the biggest reasons for our improvement this year. The girls are visibly more comfortable with the ball at their feet than they were last year, and they need to keep improving.

Soccer Homework for the Week of August 12 – August 18

Technical Training

The pull back turn is a simple turn, but I don’t see it executed correctly very often. Please watch this video and notice that the correct technique is to pull the ball back across your body while your body is turning. It is not correct to pull the ball back and then turn your body because you may be pulling it back right into a defender. You should keep your foot on the ball or close to it at all times during the turn.

Here is the video:

You should not be doing just this turn for the entire home training session. Do it for a few minutes until you are comfortable with it, then spend the rest of the time juggling, and simply dribbling the ball. You should work in various turns and moves such as the roll overs, inside/outside, and all of the techniques we have been working on over the summer so you don’t forget them. Remember to review previous videos if you don’t remember all of the techniques.

Strength Training

Strength training is the same as it has been for the last two or three weeks. The truth is, very few of you are reporting any time on strength training. If you are doing it and your time isn’t showing up on the chart you need to make sure you’re reporting your strength training time separately from your technical training time. This training is really important to your improvement so make sure you’re doing it three times per week!


Congratulations to Lydia for meeting the goal of 20 consecutive juggles. A few of you are getting close. If you are not juggling every day, you aren’t going to improve. Keep at it!

Soccer Homework for the Week of August 5 – August 11

We have covered a lot of different skills and techniques over the last few weeks. Rather than give you a new skill this week, I would like all of you to review the skills from previous weeks and spend time on any that you may be weak on. I want you to pay particular attention to your weaker foot and make sure you are putting in plenty of reps with that foot.

If you feel like you are doing well on the skills we’ve learned so far, there are a ton of great videos on YouTube if you would like to work on a new move. Simply search for “soccer moves” or “soccer shooting” or whatever you would like to work on.

Keep up your juggling. If you want to spend the entire homework time on juggling for a day or even the week, that is fine if that’s what you need to do to get to your 20 juggles.

Strength training will also remain the same. Please do it!!!

Soccer Homework for the Week of July 29-August 4

Technical Training

The single and double cut – these are extremely important moves to learn. We started working on them a bit in the spring, but we really need to master them. Especially players who want to play more in the attack, these are some of the best and most popular moves you can make to get a little bit of space.

Here is a good video tutorial:

Do the exercise the same way as in the video. If you don’t have cones use something else, or just imagine there’s a defender in front of you. Do at least 20 cuts with each foot. Only work on the single cuts until you have them mastered. Then you can move on to the double cut and do at least 25 of them each homework session.

Strength Training and Juggling

Strength training and juggling will be the same as last week so check last week’s blog post if you need a reminder.


Soccer Homework for the Week of July 22-28

Technical Training

Starting this week we are going to working on some turns and feints. First, we will work on the inside and outside hook turns. Videos of each of these turns is found below:

Make sure you watch all the way through and remember the key points at the end of each.

For the drill, start with the inside hook turn. Dribble (with your laces) about 10 yards then perform the hook turn, and accelerate out of the turn going in the other direction. Do 10 with each foot going back and forth, then take a break for 10-15 seconds, then 10 more with each foot, until you get to 50 total with each foot. Then switch and do the same thing with the outside hook turn.

Strength Training

We’re going to shake things up a little bit with the strength training. Here is a new routine that focuses on single leg jumps and squats:

The routine:

Single leg jumps – 30 seconds on each leg, then rest for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

Single leg squats – 10 reps with each leg, then rest for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

Remember, you only need to do strength training 3 times/week.


Keep working at your juggling. If you’re feeling discouraged, try juggling with thighs for a while and see if you can get to 20 juggles with your thighs before you move on to feet.

Watching Soccer

BYU TV has replays of games from last fall. This is a great resource for watching games. Here is a game between BYU and UVU:

Keep up the good work!!!

Soccer Homework for the Week of July 8-14

Homework for this week will be the same as it was for the week of July 1 – 7. Less than half of the team was at training on Saturday and from those that were there, I didn’t feel like there was as high of a level of mastery of the skills on the technical skills video as there should be. Just click this link for the homework from July 1 – 7 : These skills, along with the roll overs and triangles, need to be mastered by this Saturday. Anyone who feels like they have them mastered is free to move on to some of the advanced skills later in the video.

Also, please note that there are now separate charts for technical training and strength training. I want to make sure everyone is doing both. Please review the requirements for these, the juggling and watching soccer on the Charts page and report your numbers to Justin.

Finally, you’ll see that I am participating in the juggling homework. I want to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks. If you don’t beat me to 20, you can bet I’ll be teasing you a little bit.


Soccer Homework for the week of July 1-7

Here is the homework for this week:


Continue to work on your juggling every day for ten minutes or until you have increased your record. Here is a new video that may help if you’re having trouble improving your record:


Below is a great video with several of the touches we’ve been working on:

By the end of the week you need to have mastered all of the drills up to the 2:39 mark in the video. Most of these are drills we’ve already done (some in previous years), but without cones, so it is mostly a review. We will do a test on all of these at the Saturday training session. You need to do as many touches each day as it takes to master the drills. Mastery means being able to do at least twenty of each drill while being able to look up away from the ball.

If you are able to master all of the drills up to the 2:39 mark, you can move on to the next drills and work on them until they are mastered.


Continue doing the same strength regimen as in week 1, but keep pushing yourself to increase the number of reps you’re able to do each time.

Soccer Homework for the Week of June 24-29


Continue to work on juggling for at least ten minutes per day. You must improve on your consecutive number of juggles by at least one this week over last week. Hopefully you are able to increase by more than that. You should watch the video tutorial again from last week’s homework to refresh your memory on the technique. Remember the goal is 20 consecutive juggles with the feet without the ball hitting the ground.


There isn’t any formal homework for the roll-overs, but just do them for a couple of minutes to keep them fresh on your mind. Work on areas where you are weaker.


Watch this video to refresh your memory from training on Saturday:

Do 50 reps with each foot, then take a 30-second break, then 50 more with each foot, then a 30-second break, then 50 more with each foot for a total of 300 reps.

Touch-Touch Cone Drill

This is the drill we’ve been doing in training for the last few sessions. Here’s the video:

If you don’t have cones, you can use some rocks or whatever, anything you want to use for markers. You should have 10 markers. Go through the cones, then speed dribble back to the first cone and go through again for five reps. Take a 1 min break and repeat this five times, for a total of 25 times through the cones. Try to increase your speed as you go through.


We will do the same strength regimen as last week. Go to last week’s homework to review. Try to go faster and do more reps in the same time than you did last week.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at shanestone[at]comcast[dot]net. Don’t forget to email your practice time to Justin at admin[at]northernpeaks[dot]com. Send your time every day!