Soccer Homework for the Week of August 5 – August 11

We have covered a lot of different skills and techniques over the last few weeks. Rather than give you a new skill this week, I would like all of you to review the skills from previous weeks and spend time on any that you may be weak on. I want you to pay particular attention to your weaker foot and make sure you are putting in plenty of reps with that foot.

If you feel like you are doing well on the skills we’ve learned so far, there are a ton of great videos on YouTube if you would like to work on a new move. Simply search for “soccer moves” or “soccer shooting” or whatever you would like to work on.

Keep up your juggling. If you want to spend the entire homework time on juggling for a day or even the week, that is fine if that’s what you need to do to get to your 20 juggles.

Strength training will also remain the same. Please do it!!!

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