Soccer Homework for the Week of August 12 – August 18

Technical Training

The pull back turn is a simple turn, but I don’t see it executed correctly very often. Please watch this video and notice that the correct technique is to pull the ball back across your body while your body is turning. It is not correct to pull the ball back and then turn your body because you may be pulling it back right into a defender. You should keep your foot on the ball or close to it at all times during the turn.

Here is the video:

You should not be doing just this turn for the entire home training session. Do it for a few minutes until you are comfortable with it, then spend the rest of the time juggling, and simply dribbling the ball. You should work in various turns and moves such as the roll overs, inside/outside, and all of the techniques we have been working on over the summer so you don’t forget them. Remember to review previous videos if you don’t remember all of the techniques.

Strength Training

Strength training is the same as it has been for the last two or three weeks. The truth is, very few of you are reporting any time on strength training. If you are doing it and your time isn’t showing up on the chart you need to make sure you’re reporting your strength training time separately from your technical training time. This training is really important to your improvement so make sure you’re doing it three times per week!


Congratulations to Lydia for meeting the goal of 20 consecutive juggles. A few of you are getting close. If you are not juggling every day, you aren’t going to improve. Keep at it!

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