Soccer Homework for the Week of July 22-28

Technical Training

Starting this week we are going to working on some turns and feints. First, we will work on the inside and outside hook turns. Videos of each of these turns is found below:

Make sure you watch all the way through and remember the key points at the end of each.

For the drill, start with the inside hook turn. Dribble (with your laces) about 10 yards then perform the hook turn, and accelerate out of the turn going in the other direction. Do 10 with each foot going back and forth, then take a break for 10-15 seconds, then 10 more with each foot, until you get to 50 total with each foot. Then switch and do the same thing with the outside hook turn.

Strength Training

We’re going to shake things up a little bit with the strength training. Here is a new routine that focuses on single leg jumps and squats:

The routine:

Single leg jumps – 30 seconds on each leg, then rest for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

Single leg squats – 10 reps with each leg, then rest for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

Remember, you only need to do strength training 3 times/week.


Keep working at your juggling. If you’re feeling discouraged, try juggling with thighs for a while and see if you can get to 20 juggles with your thighs before you move on to feet.

Watching Soccer

BYU TV has replays of games from last fall. This is a great resource for watching games. Here is a game between BYU and UVU:

Keep up the good work!!!

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