Soccer Homework for the week of July 1-7

Here is the homework for this week:


Continue to work on your juggling every day for ten minutes or until you have increased your record. Here is a new video that may help if you’re having trouble improving your record:


Below is a great video with several of the touches we’ve been working on:

By the end of the week you need to have mastered all of the drills up to the 2:39 mark in the video. Most of these are drills we’ve already done (some in previous years), but without cones, so it is mostly a review. We will do a test on all of these at the Saturday training session. You need to do as many touches each day as it takes to master the drills. Mastery means being able to do at least twenty of each drill while being able to look up away from the ball.

If you are able to master all of the drills up to the 2:39 mark, you can move on to the next drills and work on them until they are mastered.


Continue doing the same strength regimen as in week 1, but keep pushing yourself to increase the number of reps you’re able to do each time.

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